• Cash Flow Relief: Association Partners, LLC provides needed capital to meet common obligations.
  • Collections Risk Relief: Association Partners, LLC will assume all collection obligations, including proper notices, letters and legal expenses associated with collections at no cost to the Association.
  • Relationship Relief: Association Partners, LLC will become the focal point for all delinquent account discussions, negotiations, and efforts; these will no longer need to be between neighbors and owners.
  • Performance-Based Compensation: Association Partners, LLC makes money only when it successfully collects delinquencies.
  • “Upside” Entitlement: In addition to the initial funding provided, the Association will receive 100% of the balance of all additional delinquent fees collected.
  • Liability Relief: There is no personal liability for any member of the Association.
  • Routine Status Updates: Association Partners, LLC efforts are constantly monitored by documented updates provided monthly to the unit owners and their representatives.